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North Korea denies that it is de- veloping nuclear weajions but has warned of war if it is pushed too fur, and its refusal to allow nuclear in- spections of some sites has raise suspicions.

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of technical problems, the Simpson bill raised miesti ons about the future financial base for publie schools, tlie impact of such a luige- deficit on the-siaie's’credit-rating-for— and the ability ol' local govemlncnis to con-_ tinue i/sing various creajing finaticing’ veto (tonal expense to the state.

i — — — - — Page A6 — retot^hree Creefc School District ---By Moris Stal Tord — Tiiii cs - Ncws writer reac Iie UTor comment - President Clinton .sigms the Goals 2000 Educate America Act tirat proyidts S40Q.

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