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No one was paid for their work on the Centennial History.Profits, if any, will be do- nated to worthwhile Lemhi County historical projects.Due to her illness, Barbara's activities became lim- ited and another wonderful person, Mona Van Overen quietly took the reins, working diligently on completing many Centennial tasks. The Centennial came to a close and our History Com- mittee was about to disband when another person rose to the occasion. Shirley contacted me and again mentioned the challenge of a Centennial history book.Mona was interested in the idea of a Centennial book, but had many other projects to complete. I told her of our past efforts, and that we had no money, no staff and no encour- agement to proceed.Unbelievably, Mona was stricken with cancer soon after taking over the Centennial. Shirley would not quit, and with her pushing and shoving, we were back in business.

Bear in mind that the staff also had to carry on with their day to day occupations, other activities and families during this two year project. Volume One contains many feature stories: Sacajawea, The Lemhis, Lewis and Clark, Leesburg, Pioneers, Miners, The Chi- nese, Schools, Churches and much, much more.

Assistance available for “Limited English Proficiency” using Google Translate.

Lemhi Ride is a program of the Lemhi County Economic Development Association.

My other job was to coordinate as many feature stories as space would allow. We ap- preciate the seven hundred prepublication orders that were paid for in advance to partially finance the pro- ject. The majority vote was for straight alphabetical listing. The Com- mittee sincerely feels that the price of the three vol- ume set is extremely low for a book of this quality.

So certain of success were we, that only one per- son was called upon to sign the ,000 guarantee to the publishing company. Issue two: Should there be a specific dedication to a group of real persons rep- resenting our 185 years of recorded history, or a non- controversial, generic dedication? Comparable publications sell for 0 to 0, so our published price is another tribute to everyone volun- teering their efforts.

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