Dating my ruger 22 auto

A lot of people out there still put squirrels, rabbits, grouse and other small game on the table with this round.While far more challenging with a handgun, not impossible – and if carrying one while hunting larger game, it might be a good way to get some camp meat. A great opportunity for somone that wants a great target gun and doesn't want to sell their first born. Click for more info Ruger Standard Model 22 Auto,4-3" Tapered Barrel, Ruger Thumb rest target grips, Target Trigger, mint Condition!!Click for more info Ruger Early semi auto 22, Red Eagle model, SN is 214xx. Click for more info This is the Ruger MK 1 in .22LR. That said, a few import companies sell affordable plinker pistols, such as Chiappa and American Tactical Imports.While they may not be overwhelmingly common in most gun stores, they can be obtained online and shipped to an FFL for not a whole lot; some cost less than 0 before FFL fees and shipping.Chet15 I don't think there were any stainless MK-Is made. If this gun was made in 1974 and it's Stainless, then it's a one of a kind. Thanks for the input, that is what I thought too, but when I checked the # against the list on Ruger site it actually came out as 1973 (not 4 as I previously thought) I may need to check one of the other sites and see if anyone can shed light on it.The only Stainless Standard model was the Bill Ruger Stainless Signature Model Mod. Yes, 1974 was the first year for several stainless handgun models...

While single-action – and basically a clone of the Colt SAA – it can be had for less than 0 in most cases and can be used with either .22LR or .22WMR cylinders, perfect for plinking at the range and putting a few cottontails or grouse in the game bag.

Heard a story from one of the guys that was in the thick of things at Ruger at the time that it was Mrs.

Ruger that convinced WBR to make guns out of stainless, and she was right!!

_________________I learned a long time ago that I can't change the world, but I can change one life at a time."Life happens now, and it can be lost in yesterday, or misspent waiting for tomorrow."Let's just sit here awhile and see what happens... Georgia Yes, 1974 was the first year for several stainless handgun models...

Single-Sixes, Blackhawks and "SIX" series DA revolvers.

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