Dating men who have been cheated on

Everyone makes mistakes and while this one sucks, it might be unfair to judge him on his past.If you think he’s genuinely sorry for what he did, he may be worthy of a second chance. In my experience, guys who cheat are quick to make excuses.Then again, he might not — it’s a risk you have to figure out whether or not you’re willing to take. “I wasn’t happy in the relationship.” “We were drifting apart.” “We should’ve never been together.” Blah blah blah.He isn’t taking full responsibility for his actions, and that’s because he hasn’t learned from them.I dated someone who cheated in a past relationship because of how honest and open he was about it.He never hid behind excuses or false reasoning — he regretted what he did and that was clear.Don’t entertain a guy who’s not straight up with you — if something feels off, it is! Deciding whether or not to date someone who’s cheated before can be hard.All I can say is, you have to follow your instincts!

He’s the only one to blame for his actions, and you need to make sure he knows that. How many times did he cheat on his ex and with how many people?While many may disagree, I personally think that of people are capable of cheating.It's more a matter of what circumstances have to be present for a specific individual to succumb to the temptation.If he doesn’t and you find out about his affair from someone else, he’s not worth entertaining.People cheat, but if they don’t take responsibility for it, they probably don’t regret it (and they’ll probably do it again). I needed to know where he was and who he was with at all times.

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