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The Holy Spirit gives to believer the power to die to the flesh and resist sin and choose the righteousness of God instead of sins.The Old Gate is an important gate, because without death of the flesh believer cannot wander in the will of God.After the Sheep Gate and the Fish Gate comes the Old Gate, which spiritual meaning is death of the old man.The Lord Jesus doesn't repair the old man, but makes the new man through the regeneration in the Holy Spirit.When Jesus' disciple understands, and accepts death of the flesh, so after that he can begin to wander with God according to the will of God.

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It is not an accident that the high priest whose name was Eliashib was building up the Sheep Gate.Neh 3: 1 And Eliashib the high priest rose up with his brothers the priests. The high priest Eliashib with his brethren, and priests built the Sheep Gate and set up its doors. The spiritual meaning of the Sheep Gate is that the high priest was building it and that through the Sheep Gate lambs and sheep were brought to the temple, in which they were offered.The Lord and the Messiah (Christ) Jesus (Yeshua) is the High Priest of New Covenant, who is the Lamb, who was offered for the sake of our sins.In the Bible is also exemplary teaching, in which some issues of the old covenant have spiritual meanings in the New Covenant.In the book of Nehemiah chapter 3 we can find this kind of exemplary.

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