Dating ladies who smoke

I think it's too early to talk about it but it is still a big inconvenience for me.She chews gum after every smoke but the smell still lingers.You could take up smoking with her "to be cool." Then you could develop enlarged glands in your throat that pop and bleed one morning, causing you to spit up blood for a short time and scare "both of you" to stop smoking... They were up front about it and I'd make an effort to not smoke any day that I'd see them (hoping it'd lead to me quitting as well).All I can say is be supportive and communicate your feelings about it, especially if she is trying to or wants to quit. It won't work if you're Hitler about her smoking, she'll do it to piss you off and that's a lose-lose situation for both parties.We have had two great dates and our personalities click so far but the kissing part has been awful for me so far. I was a smoker, but my boyfriend was only the occasional 'cig after a few drinks' type.He was honest, and it's why I switched to vaping, with the goal to quit eventually.As strange as this might sound, I've kind of acquired a taste for kissing (light to moderate) smokers. She's been smoking since she's 16 and said she has tried to quit four times now. She's a tinder date so i did not know she smoked.A kiss that tastes of bourbon and Camels brings back all kinds of exciting memories. Our first date was four hours and she smoked twice and second was 2 hours and she smoked once.

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She started to have gum on her more often or would stop me if she'd smoked recently.

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There are ways you can find out how committed a smoker she is, without being bossy or demanding.

Maybe you can ask how long ago she started smoking. Whether she's ever tried replacing it with e-cigarettes.

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