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He won the inaugural Emmy for Best Reality Show Host in 2008 and again in 2009.Probst also received an Emmy as Host/Producer of Survivor (2000) back in 2001.It wasn’t until he reached out to her once her season was finished filming that they really hit it off.“The funny thing was there was this perception we were flirting on the show, and that was actually just fun stuff on the show.He was also voted one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People.

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“Sometimes it’d be dad, sometimes it’d be Jeff, dad two, sometimes it’d be D-2.I didn’t have any doubt and all the questions about how you meet and any potential obstacles, they fade away like an old dry leaf,” Probst said.From there, Probst admitted he was totally in love. I’m with her family, and there ain’t no turning back.Now, all the kinks have been ironed out as Probst stands as the executive producer of the show and continues to add incredible twists and turns to keep the contestants and the viewers guessing. We can’t forget that once upon a time, he actually dated a contestant on the show. People reports Probst was the one to make the first move, as he emailed Berry once the show had wrapped up their production for .“Once we started spending some time together, I didn’t have any doubt.

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