Dating ivica

The company has recently turned to our agency to further increase the communicative potential on the web through social media.

He asked us to manage all the communication channels, moving day by day, as if we were the shadow of the company.

Particular attention was given also to the paid campaigns, designed for the Italian and foreign public in a dedicated manner.

We have gone as far as worrying about updating the followers in real time on the days at the fair or in the special events in which the company participates.

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Ivana Zelníčková was born on February 20, 1949 in the Moravian town of Zlín (formerly known as Gottwaldov), Czechoslovakia, the daughter of Miloš Zelníček (1927–1990) and Marie Zelníčková (née Francová).A perfect combination of vintage and avant-garde furnishings has determined the success of this event.The two editors of "The Sound of Design" Angelo Dall'aglio and Davide Vercelli were able to arouse in the visitor who embarked on this path a strong emotional mix to the rhythm of music and design.This is how we promptly created an integrated communication solution that operates on different channels such as Facebook and Linked In.Post with attention to the smallest details, from the graphics and texts, to the time of publication and marketing investments, have meant that from the first weeks an increase in interactions with the page could be noticed.

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