Dating in the dark update

Although most experts caution against using marble countertops in a kitchen, because they easily scratch, some choose the material to get that exact worn-in look.

A repurposed cast-off hardware–store counter serves as an island.

To freshen up a kitchen, replace solid cabinet doors with glass-paned fronts, and everyone wins.

But for a much less expensive solution, layer in baskets, hats, and market bags.Exposed shelves offer a convenient display opportunity and keep the room from feeling confined.Spray paint transformed a black fixture into a gleaming pendant.Whether you swap in a bunch of monochromatic barn lights or go with a mix of vintage (here, an old lantern) and new (like these pendant lights), changing out the fixtures will have you—and everyone else—seeing your kitchen in a new light.Upper cabinets can make a room feel a little claustrophobic, but the extra storage space is great—especially for collectors.

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