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Michelle ceases to be datable over the course of the game due to a plot twist.Complete the "First Date" Mission Likes Michelle is awake from 6am-11pm. Thanks for the support bro Stand up for what is right. Hayfever sufferer's revenge You'll never see hayfever the same way again. Complete the "Out of the Closet" Mission Likes Carmen is awake from 1pm-6am.Health Boost: It's unclear precisely how to use this, but after reaching a certain level with Carmen she'll tell you that she can heal you.It can, however, get hectic keeping fifteen women happy all of which are sending you text messages and calling you.(There is one more girl you can date on Dance Maisonette 9, &, she's a stripper but to date her, one of the missions in the game will give you the option to kill playboy X or Dwayne. It's really the only way.) Michelle is the first girlfriend you have in the game.

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Kate is in the Mc Reary family, an Irish criminal family that you work with quite extensively.

She goes by the name Law Chick online, but once you get her number you refer to her as Kiki.

She's something of an idealist and is always out to save the world.

Get the best endings (Super Seducer Endings) in chapter 1 - 10. 2 in One Night Sleep with 2 people in the same night.

Crush your enemies, hear the lamentations of their women Show these internet guys what happens when they run their mouths.

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