Dating a stronger girl taylor swift and stephen barker liles dating

If you cancel on her you better be ready to make it up to her or she will walk away.

If you promise a strong girl something you better follow through with it.

If you don’t have her back and actually believe in her and motivate her she doesn’t need you in her life.

Strong women value most the people who can take her the next level and help her to see things she might not be able to, help her to do things she wondered if she could. She can’t waste her time trying to convince you, you have her.

You go off on them and yell at them and belittle them, they won’t forgive you so easily. They will never dwell on the past or let it dictate their present.

Anyone who has to put others down to make themselves feel better is no one who should be in a relationship in the first place. They will never overanalyze things wishing they did something different.

They care about everyone because that’s how you build relationships is when it’s built on kindness and caring.

Everyone craves love and so do they, it’s just they don’t depend on it to feel happy or important.

One or twice if something falls through is understandable but a constant stream of excuses isn’t acceptable.

Strong women accept apologies but know when to stop accepting them and walk away.

A strong independent woman knows what she wants in her life and how to pursue it.

She has a clear picture of things and that saves her from a lot of drama, while she can be quite intimidating.

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