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His picture is on my door playing that guitar along with another photo of me holding onto Chuck Brown (the godfather of go-go) who recently passed away. PRS bridges are proprietary and as a rule we would not buy a 7-string bridge off the shelf from another manufacturer, so that’s why we haven’t expanded production to include models with tremolos.

Being able to build instruments that John not only enjoys and loves, but uses on a regular basis, is one of the biggest accomplishments of my career. Our main concern is that other manufacturer’s bridges wouldn’t have our exact specifications on them and we’d either have to compromise our own design or invest a bunch of time and money in R&D to outsource the hardware—and that’s not something I’m comfortable doing right now. We develop new pickups because of a need we find in the market or a need we find internally.

Furthermore, we’ve come to rely on our own innovations to make the instrument stay in tune and sound great. As far as an 8-string goes, there are no plans at this point to do anything like that. All of this is done to make musicians a more useful musical instrument and because these needs are fairly constant in the guitar community, we find ourselves continually working on new pickups or using different winding techniques.

That’s the place the Narrowfield pickups came from—we found a hole in the guitar industry that could be filled with a pickup that presents a focused, articulate string attack.

Essentially it’s a Violin guitar with a tremolo, 57/08 humbuckers, rare curly maple, rare ribbon-striped mahogany, a pernambuco neck, and black rosewood fretboard.

Most recently we made him something very similar with the skyline of New York City as a fretboard inlay. We’re really limited on our 7-string production right now because we haven’t tooled up for it at this point.

We're avid PRS fans, PRS Players, PRS Collectors, and knowledgeable about all things PRS.As far as the tone in my head, I hear something in the middle between Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, and David Gilmour with an oboe, viola, and low D whistle thrown in.[By the way, check out the sound of a low D whistle.] 10.Thanks to all of your inquiries, we uncovered a few nuggets of the luthier’s personal and professional life that were previously kept under wraps. One door closes on a guitarist, the next opens for an award-winning guitar builder.I started making guitars because I wasn’t a good enough guitarist and I somehow viscerally understood how to build instruments. I thought I had a lot to offer, but the people around me, for the most part, didn’t think so.

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