Dating a friend from childhood who is niki manaj dating

I looked for my childhood confidante outside the church. And today I know my teenage self would be devastated to learn that the person who was once my best friend doesn’t know I’ve had a daughter or that I’ve left our former stomping ground of south London.In turn, I can only wonder if my one-time soulmate found the happiness that was eluding her when we last spoke.Plus, given the time we spent at each other’s homes, Rachel and I were essentially roommates. Maybe she would’ve been more like me in high school, college and beyond — an uptight goody two shoes, riddled with anxiety and fearful of experimentation.After-school playdates and weekend sleepovers were more of a rule than the exception. The sort of girl who never once attended a raging high school party, not only because she never was invited, but also because she imagined that merely opening her mouth around drugs would cause a gallon of cocaine to leap right in.But we both exploded with energy around each other, delighting in games and jokes that only we could understand.We were each other’s plus-ones at numerous family dinners and holiday parties, and I was as close with Rachel’s mom as with any of my aunts.You’ve seen me cry uncontrollably and laugh so hard that I snort.Most importantly, you’ve seen it all and you still accept me for who I am.

We met when we were 12 and formed the kind of intense friendship that only a teenage girl would understand.

It was a time of great personal growth, as we adamantly dismissed our childish obsessions with Beanie Babies and American Girl Dolls and embraced all things Spice Girls and R. I loved dancing and reading; she loved soccer and singing.

I was one of the shortest, smallest girls in our class; she was one of the largest.

No matter what arguments, challenges or troubles come our way, we always come out stronger than before.

You open my eyes and right my wrongs, and you make me a better person.

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