Council tax disability reduction backdating

So the flawed old valuation still dictates much of the kingdom's banding, which is why you could be paying more than your neighbour even though you live in exactly the SAME size property.

This may sound like a fairytale, but every word is true.

Here are some Money Savers' success stories: "Went through the mechanism of checking my council tax banding, via the Valuation Office etc.

Discovered that I'd been in the wrong Band since 1993!

If we decide not to backdate your claim and you do not agree with this decision you must contact us within one month of the decision letter.

It's well worth asking: "What council tax band am I in?

" Get your banding decreased and, as well as paying between £100 and £400 less each year, the repayment should be backdated to when you moved into the property – as far back as when the tax started in 1993.

People who are severely mentally impaired are not included when working out Council Tax.

You also are not included if you’re a live-in carer looking after someone who is not your partner, spouse, or child under 18. You may be eligible for the scheme if you live in a larger property than you would need if you or another occupant were not disabled.

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