Consolidating sales organizations

With different contracts in place across a company, and different event processes working out of multiple budgets, bringing them all together may seem like an impossible task.

By implementing a singular event management platform, planners can use the opportunity to create standard event planning and execution processes across an entire organization.

Providing the tools and information to help the university realize extreme cost savings allowed her to invest in an end-to-end platform can lead to better events managed more efficiently.

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When software, maintenance and enhancement costs were considered, the CFO and other stakeholders will be able to understand the business case and feel comfortable making a decision.As a result, few organizations apply the same rigor to managing and steering cultural integration that they apply to a conventional, hard-dollar synergy. Senior leaders can find themselves in the uncomfortable position of watching the problem unfold without knowing what to do about it.The most experienced acquirers, however, have developed a set of practical, effective tools for facilitating cultural integration.Between security enhancements, system upgrades and server capacity constraints, planners can identify hundreds of hours of IT maintenance that may be better to outsource to a trained team of professionals.Often the event management software platforms they consider implementing company-wide come with professional services teams that are more responsive and knowledgeable of the system than a typical IT department.

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