Consolidating business growth

A boom can bring about many changes—you might be taking on numerous commitments at once, signing lucrative contracts in record time and watching orders soar.But all of this requires greater cash flow needs, growth planning and the right financing.BDC provides business loans to refinance debt for businesses undergoing rapid expansion, purchasing equipment or increasing financial flexibility.For example, you could replace multiple debts with a single debt that is easier to manage.

Knowing this, you can look at your current financial situation and assess if you can make improvements.

Cons: Young businesses and borrowers with poor personal credit won’t qualify.

[Back to top] Credibility Capital offers short-term financing — one, two or three years — to companies with good credit, making it a valid option for businesses looking to refinance expensive debt.

Try and assess whether your inventory and capital assets are absorbing too much of your cash flow, if they do, take the necessary steps to tightly control them.

This will help you define your refinancing requirements and help you avoid future liquidity problems.

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