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For example, say you have three credit cards and decide to use debt consolidation to combine all three into one larger consolidation loan.In that case, the new loan would have a balance equal to the sum of the other loans. You've probably heard of credit card balance transfers, but another option is a personal loan.With a P2P loan, you can typically borrow the funds with lower rates than you would find at the bank.However, you may have to pay a bit more in interest to keep the investor on your good side.Instead, the loans are made by investors or other individuals.

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Peer-to-peer lending, otherwise known as P2P, is a different way of borrowing money that does not use the services of a traditional bank or credit union.The credit limit also has to be high enough to accommodate the debt you have incurred on the other credit cards.Obtaining a personal loan from a bank or credit union is another common way to consolidate debt.Disclaimer: The person depicted is a model accompanied by a testimonial for illustrative purposes only. will not call you about any loan application resulting from the above offers, and will not ask you over the phone, via email or otherwise for financial information or other sensitive personal data.REMEMBER never to share any financial information or other sensitive personal data over the phone or via email without independently confirming the identity of the company calling first!

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