Cons of online dating sites

In the bar scene it's all about your looks; you don't have the luxury of putting your best picture out there because—you're out there—in the flesh.And if you don't physically appeal to your target objective, forget about it; it won't matter if you've got Anderson Cooper's personality.Con: Sitting on a computer and interacting via email can get boring.

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Based on her pictures, what she says (and how she says it), and what you have in common, you can decide if the girl is even worth perusing or if it’d just be a waste of time.You don’t have to worry about dressing nice and getting into a good mental headspace.If you’re tired or just not in any mood to be social you can throw out a few emails and connect with some great women.Con: Talking with someone via email is WAY different than face-to-face.Simply experiencing what it’s like to be around someone often gives you a much better sense of who that person is.

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