College confidential interracial dating

Tell us where the students at about your rank in the previous year’s class went to college.The Academic Rating is the most important part of the process, so focus your words on that topic.Williams, like all elite schools, discriminates in favor of the very poor (family income below ,000) and very wealthy (able to donate a million dollars).

Despite what your high school and/or parents may have told you, such trivia plays a role in elite college admissions.

(See here and here for related discussion.) Checking the African-American box gives you a significant advantage in admissions, as does checking Hispanic, but less so.

Checking the Asian box hurts your chances at Ivy League schools.

(If you did not take the hardest classes that your high school offers, admit that to us.) The best clue about the quality of your high school record can be found in the quality of schools that similarly ranked students have attended in past years, so tell us that.

Even if your high school does not officially rank students, you must have a rough sense of where you stand (#2, top 5, top 10%, whatever).

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