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The city ignored a commission's recommendations that it look into charges of police brutality.

John Sayles chose Cincinnati to film '' Eight Men Out,'' set in 1919, because his backdrops were ready-made. The politicians and judges and prosecutors tend to get big campaign contributions from the same wealthy guys who've run things for decades.

When the riots started, some of my playmates offered to put a '' Soul Brother'' sign on the lawn below our house so the mob, like the angel of death, would pass this Jewish family by.

On the worst night, after a white doctor we knew almost died -- smashed with a brick on his way to the hospital -- the co-leader (with my mother) of the local Girl Scout troop, a black woman named Betty, offered to pick up my older brother.

Think of Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler, who made his name fighting Mr.

Leis; or Dennis Barrie, director of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who tried to show Robert Mapplethorpe's photographs at a small Cincinnati gallery; or Jerry Springer, who lost his job as mayor after writing a check to a Kentucky prostitute and then found fame on TV.

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