Chat wth a pornstar without registration

Being in the adult entertainment industry can be as isolating as being an addict.

Criticism that comes from being in the spotlight is unavoidable, especially if the word “sex” is used to describe your occupation; and for those that already suffer from depression or addiction, the added scrutiny might become unbearable.

Running a male escort service allegedly aimed at women only, James endures a fair amount of criticism.

These days instead of turning to drugs, James has a new vice: coffee.

In that environment, much like other forms of the adult entertainment industry, no one cared if the pretty girl got blackout drunk, and there were few consequences when it became regular behavior.

Tending to his sobriety has become a daily habit—if he’s not actively giving back he’s thinking about what he can do to help someone else. “Addiction doesn’t care who you are, from Park Place to park bench,” says James. The only person who can really understand an addict is another addict.” The problem, though, is that few are willing to openly share their struggles with addiction.

He remembers what it was like when no one trusted him.

, is all too familiar with fame, fortune and drugs. Family and friends knew better, but what could they really do?

Getting arrested was meaningless; he’d post bail and go right back to what he’d started.

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