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A truly monstrous async web chat using no JS whatsoever on the frontend.

This is an asynchronous chat that sends receives messages in the browser with no reloads and no javascript. However, we What's cool is that a browser won't actually load that background image until this selector is used - that is, when this button is pressed.

And since we're replacing all buttons every time you press one, the single-use button problem goes away! No but really Because I was mostly making this up as I went.

There's a lot of exploratory coding here that I only minimally cleaned up.

You can have your privacy and choose who you want to communicate with.This site notes that it is a support network for those going through health-related issues.They have around 40 chat rooms and each room will display how many active members are currently chatting.Background-images loaded via pseudoselectors a forever-loading index page (remember Comet? Ok, so there are two things we need the browser to do: send data and receive data. So now we have a way to trigger a request to a server of our choice on a button press. Now, of course, this only works once per button (since a browser won't try to load that image twice), but it's a start.Since we can't use JS, it's really hard to change a page after it's already been loaded. Back before websockets were widely supported, we had to use clever hacks if we wanted to push data from a server to a client in an ongoing basis.

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