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Even when we talk about something psychological we end by saying ‘God is the solution, God is the provider, God is faithful; in the final analysis we have to lean on him for understanding and strength’.” With civil war and terrorism affecting many SAT-7 viewers, a recent episode of This programme is available on: Launched on , SAT-7 ARABIC was the first SAT-7 channel.

It offers a variety of dynamic programmes 24/7, designed to attract teen and adult Arabic-speaking viewers.

Although viewers don’t hold back when they express their views on social media, they also show their vulnerability.

“One newly married man asked for prayer,” the producer said.

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It’s so heart-breaking that you are the only person they can turn to.” For many viewers, whether they do or don’t have a church connection, the show gives pastoral support.

In airing some topics that Middle Eastern men would not normally discuss openly it offers a unique lifeline of support to many of its viewers.

“We talk about all sorts of topics men want to hear about,” the producer said: “Fighting temptation, sexuality, leadership, work ethics, pornography, double standards, extremism, death and grieving, about questioning where is God, how to trust God as a man and how you learn to surrender.

This is the target of (Kalam Rjal in Arabic), SAT-7 ARABIC’s men’s magazine show which has just completed its sixth season.

The show is made in Jordan by a small independent production company that also created a long-running SAT-7 women’s show, One of the show’s three producers explained how its hosts – clinical psychologist Dr Issam, financial analyst and trainer Odeh, and social worker Issa – have found a way to speak to their audience on all kinds of issues.

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