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She wouldn’t have it, scrambling on top of me over and over, only to be removed.

Eventually, she gave up and settled in the crook of Steve’s arm. His back to me, Steve curled around the cat, dozing. If she noticed any difference being in his arms or mine, it wasn’t apparent. And now it seemed my bond with the cat was at risk.

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Finally, finding someone who loves pets — and is everything else you’re hoping for in a partner — is more complicated than just browsing a doggy dating website.Pet People Meet: This dating site tries to reach a broad spectrum of animal lovers, extending beyond dogs to include horses and cats.In an urban area, this site might provide some promising matches, but I live in rural Idaho and my options were pretty limited.I’m not a person who has an easy time relaxing, but her weight against my body, her audible contentment, was like a tranquilizer.Though my husband, Steve, and I had adopted Arie together, she had bonded with me, or at least that’s what I told myself, and I relished being the one chosen.

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