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If anything, it's what's called "expanding the topic of discussion". But why do you state Macs are 00 when they start at 0?Most people don't get Windows without buying a PC either. Or that you lack proper argumentation and will to justify your claims.So since M$ is having Win 10 as the last version, what might happen is this: On yearly basis pay a few dollars to run Windows, and give no money for basic upgrades but give some dollars for each set of special upgrades - the kind we Indians get in case of any DTH subscription. We don't have money to buy an Android TV that costs a bomb just for record feature and Netflix. And by the way, 0 vs 00 talk was not of any use here but gave me a chance to clarify mindset falsities that otherwise wouldn't have been cleared. I can believe your suggestion that basic upgrades to Windows will be free but that additional features will have prices or be subscription-based.Some money for record feature, some for video-on-demand etc. It would make it sort of an "F2P" OS, in that case. Should I be asked for my credit card information for these subscriptions, should they be introduced, at some point, I'll just go back.

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However, I can still download the newest system of OSX, and have it without spending a dime.Read my response to Iritscen above and you'll get the idea. Quite childish, unless some top Apple exec was acting this way (well even that wouldn't be acceptable in this date).Also, I'm sorry HC, if you feel I derailed your thread in any way, but Iritscen lured me into his bait. Well this started with a rumour, but when you consider the case of M$ they are all about how to make money.Trying to turn it into an Apple vs Microsoft debate just looks a little petty. But why do you state Macs are 00 when they start at 0?Most people don't get Windows without buying a PC either. Because they don't start at 0 here, they start at 00. It's the idea that their monetisation concept is build around their entire ecosystem; you can't buy a computer that will run OS X natively from any other company than Apple.

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