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Any other issue at this point should be directed toward Google.

You can contact the Google Home support team to have them call you, or use the chat option to instant message or email someone from the support team.

Other problems include music that takes forever to load after you tell Google Home to play it, or music that stops playing hours later for no apparent reason.

If the Google Home has the wrong location set up, you’ll definitely get some strange results when you ask about the current weather conditions, request traffic updates, want distance information from where you are, etc.

ISPreview claimed Sky have told staff the new router is coming "very soon" and has been specifically engineered to deliver the firm's "best Wi-Fi performance ever".

It was noted the new hardware touts an additional antenna when compared to the Sky Q Hub.

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Move closer to it or permanently place it somewhere it can more easily hear you.Ultrafast was tipped to come in two different plans.The first was said to offer an average download speed of 145Mbps and an average upload of 27Mbps.Sky is renowned for its range of broadband offerings that provide speedy internet to customers across the UK.In order to harness Sky broadband either the firm's Sky Hub or Sky Q Hub is required.

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