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You should be proud of them for being this way.​Well, welcome to a country where directness, straightforwardness and openness is the rule and not the exception.

Welcome to Brazil, a land where the women will let you know when they are attracted to you, even if they’ve just met you five minutes ago.” after the third date.

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At our global dating summit, Lucy K., managing director of a popular Brazilian women dating website, talked about how to leverage the foreigner effect and build attraction between you and Brazilian girls.

Here are her hot tips and insights:* To be more specific, Brazilian beauties who like foreigners will show their interest in an obvious way, whereas those who don’t like foreigners will show their lack of interest quickly as well. For instance, if you are a white guy visiting Brazil, girls who already like white guys would either show their interest when you show yours or approach you.

There is also a large number of Brazilian women who prefer black men, as evidenced by their saying, “Once you go black, you can’t go back.” Many girls in Brazil know that black men are extremely good in bed, so they want to date black men.

Please don't put too much emphasis on the idea of "Newest Members".

It is fun to see who is "Just In", but don't forget about all the 1,000s of great people on the site just waiting to hear from you who are back a few or more pages.

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