Brandy dating ryan press

I just wanna say thank u to every last one of you for all the great memories and times we’ve shared. If there are typos I’m driving fags My mons, my brans, my lambs and my rihs..

I didn’t wanna do a thread & be super dramatic but I do know that you’ve all had such an impression on me since 2011.

We can also assume somebody has been lying, and it’s not her friends.

And pals believe the singer, 32, has found The One.The Grammy-winning "Boy Is Mine" singer and the music executive announced plans to wed in December 2012. The engagement is off, but the friendship is still on," the singer's rep saysin a statement. "Brandy has a daughter and she still wants to be married and have more kids but she is working on so many other things right now," Brandy's rep tells Tuesday, but did not address the split."They decided to take a step back and reevaluate the relationship. She will likely sing about her breakup on her seventh album, however. It's about my life and a lot of things I've been going through lately, so I can't wait for that," she said. "Press, meanwhile, was most recently seen at the Big 5 Basketball Banquet in Philadelphia Monday. Brandy Norwood has had a string of venting sessions on social media in recent years and they have been quite entertaining to say the least.At first it was the shade she threw at Monica, then it was the clap-backs she posted to online haters, and now her new target is her ex-fiancee’ Ryna Press, who probably has his hat pulled down low today as he walks through the street after reading what Brandy exposed about him.

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