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GRACE, however, blasted them, and specifically called out former president (and the founder's grandson) Bob Jones III, saying "Dr.Jones, III has also repeatedly demonstrated a significant lack of understanding regarding the many painful dynamics associated with sexual abuse[...]Due to the central role Dr.Since sexual tensions are the strongest forces in the universe, BJU forbids the extended touching of a member of the other sex (who is not currently married to you).Other rules include having a chaperone present on any intersex group trips off campus, and a "four on the floor" rule requiring an open door and all 4 feet on the floor at all times during dorm visits from members of the opposite sex.The university typically accused victims of lying and sinning.One former student stated a counselor told her reporting the abuser to the police would harm "the cause of Christ".

It was founded by Methodist evangelist Bob Jones, Sr.It is utterly untrue that the sidewalks are LITERALLY painted pink and blue, as BJU's recruitment material for teens makes very clear.Rather, you're supposed to memorize from a map which public outdoor areas you are prohibited from by virtue of gender.A 9pm curfew for off-campus trips is also strictly enforced.The requirement for young ladies to cover their hair in a biblical fashion was lifted in the early nineties when they realized that church hats actually look really pimpin' and hence are evil.

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