Blue collar guys dating

Once again, I will say this until I am Blue in the face. Women who have their own shit together with or without the help of a man and have a great career are not gold diggers looking for a come up because they set a standard of the type of career their mate should have. My short lived relationship with the Blue Collar guy ended just as quickly as it began.To expect a career woman to actively seek out the garbage man, UPS delivery guy, or cashier at the local grocery store, is downright insulting! He wasn’t local and when we would try to make plans to see each other, he had to wait for his schedule to come out.Going back to my college, lovingly referred to by our Alumni as our “Home by the sea” reinvigorated me and reminded me that if I am patient and continue to believe and not settle I can have what I am looking for.In the meantime, I will enjoy my life just as it is and grow my own empire.However, it never fails, at some point you will hear someone say these words: You should be more open.You don’t necessarily have to date a guy who is an executive, who makes as much money as you do, or is just as successful as you do.Even SOME Blue Collar men have a certain amount of arrogance to them that is mind boggling and completely unwarranted. I tried to call him to let him know that I was over the shit and that the “relationship” had run its course. It’s interesting because we are almost made to feel bad about that expectation. It had been many years since I walked the beautiful campus of Hampton University an HBCU (historically black college university) in Virginia.

Their day to day work load and/or responsibilities are relatable.

Is it because I am now in my 30’s they believe I should just give up and date a man who is not up to my standards?

Especially when I was coming to the table with exactly what I was looking for.

If you are successful, single and in your 30’s, you get used to “kind hearted” people making “suggestions” on what you should tweak, try, or compromise on when it comes to dating. Seriously, at this stage of the game, I’m a marriage in, a divorce out, and I really think I know what I need and what I can and can’t compromise on.

I still do, but I have learned how to hide my annoyance and just smile and nod my head.

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