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As she finishes her thought, a distinguished-looking man walks into the museum.He is probably in his mid-50s, but more important, he is well coifed, as if, maybe, he is here for a dating event.

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Five minutes prior to the start of a speed-dating program called “Drawn to You” at the El Segundo Museum of Art, organizer Chelsea Hogan confides that no men have RSVP’d.

It is a January evening, Friday the 13th — a nightmare dating scenario.

The quotes provided come from the Nobel laureates who are the subject of the exhibit that has been on display at the museum.

Titled “Brain,” the exhibit features 396 black-and-white photos of Nobel Prize winners taken by Peter Badge over 16 years in locations all over the world.

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    * After the event you will be notified if you have any mutual connections. Events are very organized and take place in a structured setting.

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