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breasts) while retaining a penis" are similar to those of straight men and different from those of gay men.The study showed that these men are much more aroused to female than to male stimuli.In 1993, Ray Blanchard and Peter Collins conducted an analysis of 119 profiles in a voicemail-based personal ad system of people seeking romantic or sexual partners and indicating an interest in cross-dressing or cross-dressers.The analysis revealed three groups: 42.9% were gynandromorphophiles, who "sought cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals," or individuals with both "male primary and female secondary sexual characteristics"; 31.1% were gynandromorphophilic cross-dressers, who identified themselves as transvestites or engaged in cross-dressing and sought partners who did the same; and 26.1% were residual cross-dressers, who identified themselves as transvestites or engaged in cross-dressing, but sought "masculine" men or did not specify their desired type of partner.As part of HIV prevention research in 2004, Operario et al.interviewed 46 men in the San Francisco area who had sex with transgender women, but found "no consistent patterns between how men described their sexual orientation identity versus their sexual behavior and attraction to transgender women".

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Natal males attracted to transgender people primarily identify as heterosexual and sometimes as bisexual, but rarely as homosexual.

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Sexual attraction to transgender people has been the subject of scientific study and social commentary.

Their responses replicated the finding that gynandromorphophilic men are distinct from gay men; the responses of the gynandromorphophiles were not distinguishable from those of the autogynephilic male crossdressers, however.

These two groups showed little response to the male-only stimuli, large response to the female-only stimuli, but largest response to gynandromorph stimuli.

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