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In the Properties dialog box find the Control To Validate property and select First Name Text Box from the drop down list. We can set other properties, such as the Error Message property, and the final ASPX source code should look like the following. NET work in a similar fashion to what we've seen above. If the client's web browser is of executing client side Java Script, the first validation pass occurs on the client.The cancel button has a Causes Validation property. As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, validation can occur twice: once on the client’s machine and once on the server. Client side validation provides quick feedback for the user.If there is a match, then the event handler proceeds to validate the first name.This process continues until the event handler validates the user input in all the Text Boxes or until a validation fails.

For example, a ZIP code must consist of five digits, and the last name must start with a capital letter.

This article explains how to use Regex in a Windows application.

The code example uses Regular Expressions in C# to validate name, address, and telephone number input by a user.

When validation fails the normal flow of execution continues.

You need to check the Is Valid property to know if a validation check failed.

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