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of course, those are definitely not implicating factors, but consider this: maybe he's distancing himself from gay skaters like johnny in an effort to repress a side of him that he doesn't want to let out. Thank you for sharing that with me.” He refused to attack Weir, adding, “I’m not going to say anything bad about him, because I admire him.” It's interesting that in Russia, figure skating is considered an uber-male sport - like wrestling. While Plushenko and Joubert are the straightest men in skating - that is kinda like being the thinnest person at the Golden Corral. Lysacek has something to prove from the last year's finish, but the two people with the absolute most to prove are Johnny Weir and Jeffery Buttle.

Both are coming off of awful years, and while Weir has so far had a much better year than Buttle, both have something to prove.

Championships is second only to Michelle Kwan However, the mother of fellow American ice dancer David Mitchell sent a letter to Senator Hillary Clinton, asking her to vote against it.

In —, they won gold medals at both Skate America and Cup of China which qualified them for the Grand Prix Final, where they took the silver medal.

comments like that always help ratings and rivalries.

i agree that the straight boys like plushenko and joubert are the exceptions in figure skating, not the rule. but yeah - only he knows what he wants out a relationship.

From what I understand, Evan is 100% absolutely straight.

Ever wonder why it's rare to see him hanging with other male skaters?

Bush signed on December 31, Belbin became a naturalized citizenallowing her to compete for the United States at the Winter Olympics.but those guys seem comfortable enough in who they are that they don't need to flaunt their heterosexuality at every competition... evan seems to have picked a pretty "high profile" (in the skating world at least) girlfriend who - conveniently enough - is usually at the same televised events/competitions as he is, making it suspiciously easy for TV cameras to capture nice screenshots of the two of them together to confirm that he is - indeed - 100% straight. as an aside, he and jeffrey buttle would make such an adorably cute couple.out of all the male skaters internationally, though, i'd give lambiel or daisuke takahashi the edge over lysacek, for sure.i dont know - maybe a rarity among americans, but for russians and european male skaters, i think the story's different.brian joubert is 100% straight (i definitely don't get any gay vibes from him), but he has no qualms with associating with other gay skaters (he said something to weir about both of them making it to the podium in the future after they both bombed at the 2006 olympics).

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