Are nick and danielle from big brother 8 still dating

The seven-person jury then cast their votes for who they wanted to win.

Prior to the results being revealed, Julie also introduced Nick; Carol Journey; Joe Barber; Mike Dutz; and Kail Harbick -- the first five houseguests to be evicted from season-long second twist was then revealed to the jury members and Final 2, as a video clip explained Eric's role as "America's Player." In the clip, Eric revealed how it was America who instructed him to vote to evict Dustin instead of Dick on Day 48, a task that altered the game's entire strategy and made Dick's victory possible. Someone that I live with for that long and I didn't know that. I would have never done it," said Eric, explaining how he would have kept them instead of the Donatos if the show's home viewers hadn't been the ones in control of his eviction votes.

Zach wondered what Dick and Danielle both learned from their time in the house and Jameka asked Danielle what she credited for making it so far in the competition. Danielle, however, wasn't a big fan of her dad's speech.

However it was Jen's question -- of all people -- that may have shown Dick in the best light when she asked if the show helped build his relationship with Danielle. Once the jury interview session ended, she stormed out of the finale broadcast began, Julie introduced the jury members and asked Dick and Danielle -- who were still in the house -- about their last few days.

She’s also done a couple of fashion shows and competed in Miss Arizona USA 2009, as well as Miss Hawaiian Tropic Arizona USA Finals.

Jen really, however, is all about the moving pictures.

Dustin said he would "absolutely love" to see Dick or Danielle enter the jury house instead of Zach, and Eric assured him that they were all "pulling" for Zach to win.

However Zach showed up and Eric informed him "it would have been a 6 to 1 vote" and Zach would have won Eric then learned that he home viewers had given him one final "America's Player" task to fulfill: campaigning and voting for Dick to win.

The only 2 showmances that have successfully survived outside the Big Brother house is Jeff, Jordan and Brendon, Rachel. "I never envisioned anything but Danielle," said Dick.Because he felt Dick "personally slandered" every member of the jury, Eric asked him to say something nice about each of them. "This has been an absolutely amazing experience to share with someone that is so dear to me... Having this as a beginning to building some type of normalcy in our father/daughter relationship I appreciate even more than being here in the Final 2. If you don't already know that you're an idiot." Dick may have then secured Jessica's jury vote by adding he felt the "worst about" turning on the Final 4 alliance she and Eric had made with Dick and his daughter.Show Updates People News Spoiler News Entertainment News Reality TVDB POP Hollywood Reality TV News Wire Features & Interviews Sexy Social Pics of the Day Things to Know Profiles Message Boards Shows Listing finale broadcast began with footage of Zach Swerdzewski entering the jury house following his live eviction during last Thursday's broadcast that featured Dick being crowned the season's final Head of Household.Zach joined fellow evicted houseguests Jameka Cameron, Eric Stein, Jessica Hughbanks, Amber Siyavus, Jen Johnson, and Dustin Erikstrup as the last member of the seven-person jury who would decide which Final 2 houseguest would be voted the season's winner.

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