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Though it’s unlikely Robyn could or would engineer a reputation-saving Hail Mary pass from thirty-seven thousand feet, the episode represents a memorably stylish exercise in sneering at evil and examining its enablers.When the plane encountered turbulence, I rooted for the air pocket.But “Flack” concentrates most on Robyn’s aptitude for crisis management.Accoutered with two phones, one unpaid intern, and no scruples, Robyn plies her trade with lies, planted stories, blackmail threats, and a kennel’s worth of dog-wagging.“It’s very cunning, surprising, quite shocking and hilariously funny,” she explains.“I was gasping when I turned the pages.”Wilson calls Paquin a brilliant actress and TV executive.Paquin and co-stars Sophie Okonedo, 50, (Okonedo says that having all the main characters being women has been a thrilling experience.

The professional challenges that Robyn faces are often plausible, and far more compelling than their resolutions, which are mostly stupid.“When I asked them they were like, ‘no, no, no, this is not over the top.I’m worse,’ which looking at it page after page was a little shocking.”Okonedo said she hopes that viewers will see what she saw when she read the first script.It was a really great place to be, and we had enormous fun.”Instead of heading back to their trailers, Okonedo said she and her co-stars were all in on female bonding.“When they were setting up for a new scene we would all get into a little corner, huddle down, kick our high heels off, put our feet up and have fun joking around.”She said that she and her co-stars appreciated having Paquin there both as a co-star and producer.

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