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Liz and Danny were the first two contestants out, eliminating the Brown Team. Rebecca went next -- ousting the Pink Team from the challenge -- and she was followed by Dina Mercado, meaning the Blue Team was also out. "it is what it is." The Pink team was the last to weigh in. Liz and Danny joined Julio below the yellow line and were thus up for elimination -- and Julio thought it would be a better decision for the other contestants to oust the Brown Team.Mo then fell, eliminating the Purple Team, and Shay subsequently followed. Last-chance workouts then began, with Bob and Jillian pushing everybody to their limits, and Tracey lamented the fact that she couldn't participate. and shed five -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 2.57%. "Two gone versus one is better for everyone in the house eventually," he rationalized.I have changed leaps and bounds since I've been here -- body, mind and soul.I'm stronger, I'm healthier -- physically and mentally. Sometimes in life you need a jumpstart, you just do. I assumed that you were going to drop this big-fat number.

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"When Daniel asked you to put Daniel up and you put me up, that trust was broken no matter what," Shay said Tracey. The next day, all of the remaining contestants continued to workout before explaining to trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper how Antoine and Sean "fell on the sword" for Shay.

The Purple Team voted next, and Tracey explained the dilemma facing her and Mo.

Despite being in a deadlock up until the last second, she said they ultimately decided to boot Julio.

"My whole metaphor is that Jill comes in and she digs, digs, digs until she rips the roots out and then Bob comes and plants new flowers.

And so I feel like they were just digging and Jill knew that I was pretty bare -- like I was raw, open, wounded and like that I needed time to build back up.

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