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The burden of supplying a military force logistically fell upon the people, and requisitions for food, grain, cattle, horses and cloth became commonplace.After the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776, Hessian prisoners-of-war were kept in the vicinity of present-day Seventh and Gordon Streets.

Allentown was formally incorporated as a city on March 12, 1867.1926 tablet placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution at the Old Allentown Cemetery, Tenth and Linden Street, honoring American Revolutionary War patriots from Allentown.In 1736, a large area to the north of Philadelphia, embracing the present site of Allentown and what is now Lehigh County, was deeded by 23 chiefs of the five great Native American nations to John, Thomas, and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn.The price for this tract included shoes and buckles, hats, shirts, knives, scissors, combs, needles, looking glasses, rum, and pipes.The Old Allentown Cemetery, just behind this monument, has the graves of many of the patriots whose names are inscribed on the memorial.The beginnings of the American Revolutionary War began in Northampton County on December 21, 1774, when a Committee of Observation for Northampton County was formed by American patriots.

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