Adult dating sex story

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We checked in to a nice hotel and had a refreshing shower, changed and had a romantic dinner in the.. We were both divorced and looking for a fuck buddy. Life has been busy around here and I haven't had time to share with you the rest of our day back in June when Jill and I had been on our shopping trip to the big city. Chapter Three - Aftermath 1 I awoke the next morning to a cocktail of emotions.

My wife and I take what we like to call "sexcations". I'm guessing at least 3-4 people/ couples had walked by during our fun.

These are where we just get a hotel room for a couple nights and have a bunch of sex, and I do mean a bunch. On this particular sexcation we went to a casino for a couple nights. This is a recent event that happened with my girlfriend that kind of continues exploration from the first story I posted about our morning fun. I work in the Computer Information Research Department of a large manufacturer. Frank has worked 5 years for a state university in the campus security department. It was a hot day (temps in the 80's) and I was asked if I'd be interested in playing hooky and leaving work early to go boating.

She wore a blouse which showed off her cleavage (she has massive 34 DDs with nice big nipples that poke out without a bra) and those legging y.. My husband Frank and I have been married for three years. I was a little nervous about going boating but figured why not. Judging from the mail we got our last past revisited story was very popular with readers. A few months later we were planning a trip to Charleston, SC and I mentioned to my wife that we should stop and see Dennis and his wife who live just outside the city.

At first she was hesitant at the thought of being there with Dennis’ wife after what had gon..

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