Adult children having difficulty with widowed parent dating

It might look like intervening to make sure your grandchild has exposure to church or other positive influences to counter some of the negative influences around him. Helping in these situations requires a tender heart and a solid backbone. What if your adult child is making a host of poor decisions and wrecking his or her life before your eyes?It’s no longer as simple as imposing a consequence or taking away a privilege to encourage better behavior. The answers lie in the messy place between realism and high ideals.

You’ll have to use wisdom to know the right time and place to express your concerns, but silence is not golden in these cases.

If the narcissistic parent becomes angry at a store clerk who slighted her by waiting on another customer first, her son will grow angry as well.

Emotions are a complicated thing for those in an enmeshed relationships.

Narcissistic parents tend to adopt one of two styles of parenting: enmeshment or neglectful.

Both styles are loaded with negative consequences for children of narcissists.

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