Accommodating tests

For example, allowing a student to mark answers to multiple choice test questions in the test booklet rather than on a separate answer sheet may make the test more accessible to that student but does not make the content any easier.

On the other hand, using any of the accommodations like those commonly seen on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"- call a friend (get help), or cut out 2 of the answers (change the test), definitely make a test easier and do not really give students an equal chance to show what they know.

In-person group training is available at the start of the fall semester, and individual training is available at other times of the year. I work with the Mc Burney Disability Resource Center and am approved for disability-related accommodations.

I would like to meet with you to discuss the accommodations I would like to request in your class to arrange accommodations for testing for the semester.

Distinctions between "okay" and "not okay" accommodations terminology has really evolved over time.

In state policies, a variety of terms are used to indicate whether a change in test materials or procedures is considered to be "okay" or "not okay" - i.e., to produce "valid" or "not valid" scores.

For example, in some states, using a "not okay" accommodation results in a test score that is not counted, or it might even affect the kind of diploma that is awarded (if the test counts toward earning a diploma).

Using accommodations can be complicated - the goal is to find a balance that gives students equal access to the test, but does not make the test content easier.

More importantly, a picture of the assessment results for all of the students in a school shows where there is strength and where improvement is needed.

An emphasis on improvement might not take place without illuminating where students are having the most difficulty.

It is important to know that some accommodations are considered nonstandard or nonallowable.

These kinds of accommodations may have consequences attached.

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