6 months of dating quotes

You know those scenes in every romantic movie where the guy just can’t hold back anymore and just has to kiss the girl?

.*******Dating process:6 weeks : I love U, I love U, I love U.6 months : Of course I love U.6 years : GOD, if I didn't love U, then why the hell did I propose?Men tend to fall in love at the initial stages of an encounter or not at all.The evolutionary reason for women taking longer to fall in love has to do with the need to make sure that the person in question is reliable and stable in the way he or she interacts with the world at large.So the next time your partner is looking particularly beautiful, let her know you still desire her. Channel that inner Ryan Gosling and push her up against the wall and kiss her like you mean it.We all need to feel hot and sexy and like you just can’t get enough.

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