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It is possible to be fully divorced without a financial settlement being resolved.

At decree nisi stage the parties are almost, but not quite, divorced.

It has happened in two of my cases over the last 20 years.

Benefits such as a widow’s pension, automatically payable under a husband’s pension scheme, may be lost if the husband dies suddenly and there is a decree absolute, but the financial side is still rumbling on and no financial court order is in place.

It remains lodged with the court and in return, on decree absolute, the certificate bearing the court seal is the effective “swap.” The parties are legally divorced only when there has been a grant of decree absolute.I have been involved in one case where in such a case, exceptionally, the mandatory period was shortened.This post considers the opposite position: when one party does not want to be divorced so long as the finances remain unresolved.It was his absolute abandonment to passion which made Shakespeare the supreme poet.They were lords of the sea, absolute masters, that was to say, of half the world!

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