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Mason said: “Obviously we are lovers but at the same time we are also good friends, I think we really enjoy being around each other I think we make each other laugh a lot we do have a lot of common interest.

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“She’s bought me beautiful gifts and spent time with me and money on me so I don’t feel that’s the basis of our relationship at all.” This is the first large age gap relationship Mason has been in.

He said: “The last time I dated someone 26 is probably when I was 28, my entire life most of the women that I have had relationships with have been my age or even maybe slightly older than myself so this is a new one for me.” By contrast Sarah admits Mason isn’t even the oldest man she has dated, and revealed: “I really haven’t dated any guys my own age.

An adult model, Sarah 'covers up’ in hot pants and crop tops; while 4 ft 10 Mason is more comfortable in jeans and a shirt.

We also brought you the story of a 24-year-old woman who's travelled on luxury five-star holidays to Las Vegas, Paris, Madrid and Cyprus for free - with men she met on a website called Miss Travel.She said: “He was actually waiting for me at my table while I was upstairs so I went down, I saw him and we gave each other a big hug and we spoke for the next three hours, we talked about everything."We talked about how he used to own restaurants and how I used to be a bartender and just random other stuff.” Asking her to go for a drink later, the couple did more than that.Mason Reese and cam girl Sarah Russi, 26, certainly don’t look like your average couple, but say they are in love.An adult model, Sarah 'covers up’ in hot pants and crop tops; while 4 ft 10 Mason is more comfortable in jeans and a shirt.

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